Food Safety

Morada Produce invests an abundant amount of time, energy, and resources to ensure that their facilities are one of the cleanest in the industry. Remarkably high scores are consistently achieved during third party audits for food safety and quality assurance. Morada Produce’s ability to retain this level of sanitation and organization year-round, throughout peak production times, is a testament to their commitment to meet stringent agriculture compliance laws. Morada Produce also meets highly regulated international and organic audits.

Quality control and food safety measures are of utmost importance at Morada Produce. For instance, quality control for cherries is very stringent. As product is delivered, samples are taken from each receiving lot and go through two processes utilizing the latest technology. The samples are analyzed for firmness and then processed through a state-of-the-art optical sorter, analyzing size, color, defect recognition, and brix (sugar levels). Each sample taken is evaluated with customized software, and accurate quality control reports are generated and reviewed by production and sales teams. Morada Produce’s commitment and resources for safe, quality food are carried across all commodities. 

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