Foppiano family onions are grown within a 20-mile radius of Morada Produce’s packing facility located in San Joaquin County. Onions do well in this region, where they benefit from the Delta breeze that cools the evenings to promote better quality and higher brix. At peak times, an estimated daily harvest of 750,000 pounds of onions are picked per day. Yellow onions are Morada Produce’s specialty, with limited availability of red, white, and sweet onions.

California Onions
Type Growing Region Availability   Pack Styles Pallet Qty.
          Net Wt.      
Yellows Stockton Mid-June through Mid-September 50 lb.   Sacks 50
Yellow Sweets Stockton Mid-July through Mid-September 25 lb.   Sacks 50
Reds Stockton Mid-June through Mid-September 10 lb. 5x10 lb. Sacks 50
Whites Stockton Mid-July through Mid-September 5 lb. 10x5 lb. Sacks 50
          3 lb. 16x3 lb. Sacks 50
          2 lb. 24x2 lb. Sacks 50
          40 lb. loose Carton 42

Growing Regions

Growing Regions

Nutrition Info

Nutrition Info

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