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As soon as a grower or customer enters Morada Produce’s impressive facilities, they understand that this company is different. From the individualized relationship between grower and company, to providing insight on current farming conditions, as well as market conditions, growers and customers can feel and see the positive partnerships Morada Produce grows. Morada Produce treats each business relationship like it treats the land, with respect. The company also strives for honesty, quality, teamwork, accountability, service, and passion for processing the best quality product. Partnering with growers throughout every stage of production from the field to the facility, to distribution, Morada Produce is an ally in meeting growers’ market goals.

The management group at Morada Produce includes experienced growers and packers with a deep understanding of the requirements that growers have throughout the year. Owner Skip Foppiano has developed a qualified team that is available to provide support and assistance year-round. The team also specializes in grower support before and during harvest.

Assisting the grower and developing a partnership built on honesty and trust is a job taken very seriously at Morada Produce. There is an appreciative understanding and respect for a grower’s crop that is always present when working with the Morada Produce team. A primary focus is on maximizing returns to their quality growers. In order to achieve this, the marketing team works with a wide range of domestic and international customers. These customers recognize high-quality commodities and work with Morada Produce year after year, knowing they will get a high-quality product.

Morada Produce is a firm believer that it is only as strong as its growers. The team is always in pursuit of quality growers.  If you think you share Morada Produce’s philosophy, dedication, and integrity in providing a high-quality product, please contact a field representative to discuss becoming a grower with Morada Produce.

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