Morada Nut Company has been committed to producing healthy, premium quality walnuts since 2009.  We have grown to become one of the San Joaquin Valleys premier grower/packer/shippers with our dedication to quality from the orchards to our state-of-the-art processing plant and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

The Morada Nut processing plant is located right within one of our many company owned walnut orchards in Linden California and acts as home base for our vertically integrated handler operation.  Nuts that are destined for the kernel market are shelled using modern cracking techniques with highly adjustable air aspiration and gentle transitions, producing a hand shelled appearance with unadulterated external surfaces.  To ensure that every customer specification is met, the production team uses advanced sorting technologies and countless quality control inspections throughout the process.

Morada Nut has been in the inshell walnut packing business for half a decade and has one of the most advanced and sophisticated plants in the industry.  The sizing, aspirating, and sorting plant has bleaching/drying and scrubbing capabilities to satisfy every customers’ needs.  Whether cleaned or natural, the finished product is run through an automated weighing, bagging, and palletizing system that exhibits Morada’s commitment to a clean and impressive presentation to our customers.

The cold storage warehousing and shipping/receiving facilities at Morada allow for the proper handling of the raw and finished products in a way that maximizes shelf life and quality.  Rigorous customer specifications are welcomed by our team of highly trained logistics and operations personnel who ensure rapid movement through the supply chain.

Walnut Varieties Growing Regions Availability     Pack Styles
Chandler Linden Oct.-Feb.       Net Wt.  
Howard Linden Oct.-Feb.     IN-SHELL 25 kg Sacks
Tulare Linden Oct.-Feb.     IN-SHELL 10 kg Sacks
Hartley Linden Oct.-Feb.     IN-SHELL 25 lb Sacks
Payne Linden Oct.-Feb.     IN-SHELL 50 lb Sacks
Serr Linden Oct.-Feb.          
Vina Linden Oct.-Feb.          


Our Walnuts are Produced in the Premiere Walnut Growing Region

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